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Job Connection, Inc., is a non-profit, dedicated to helping people with disabilities put their strengths to work every day in work, life and play. We have been honored to work in the Billings community since 1982.

If your vision of life is to be independent and active in the community, Job Connection will make it happen. Job Connection offers a wide variety of comprehensive services from engaging in community events to learning and living independently.

At JCI we start by developing a relationship with you. Therefore, the plan we design with you is comfortble and effective for everyone.

Job Connection, Inc., would be happy to provide a list of satisfied customers. Please contact us for details.

Remember: Going to work for most of us is such a small thing. But for some, going to work means everything.

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(406) 245-6323
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If you have questions or comments, please call or you can send them electronically by using our inquiry form.

Some of our client needs are not covered by our funding sources.  If you would like to make a donation to help a client, please click here.

Board of Directors (2012-2013): 

  • Christopher Sweeney, Billings;
  • Karen Filz, Billings;
  • Joni Michaels, Billings;
  • Pamela Bailey, Billings;
  • Patti Nichols, Billings;
  • Matt Robertson, Billings;

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